25 May

get these in today.  looking forward to being able to see things.


two cents on gay marriage.

22 May

on gay sex, marriage, and obama.

…because not quite enough has been said about this yet.

if you’ve read a news magazine, been online or watched CNN in the past week, you know that may 9 president obama finally came out and declared he was for same-sex marriage – stirring the waters anew within the church regarding homosexuality, marriage, justice and jesus.

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i believe.

22 May

powerful, appropriate and healing words from eugene cho yesterday ::

I believe in the Gospel of Christ

I, too, believe in Jesus and I believe in the Gospel. I believe in a Gospel that not only saves but serves; a Gospel that restores all things; a Gospel that ushers in the Kingdom of God. I believe in a Gospel that is not just merely propositional truth but that which has been incarnationally personified in Jesus. I believe in a Gospel that is not just for us – but good news for all of us – especially the least, marginalized, forgotten, forsaken, and alone.

I believe in this Gospel and I believe this Gospel is bigger, deeper, wider, and more vast that we can ever imagine. I believe this because this Gospel has room for you and me. Even you and me.

I preach this Gospel. I live for this Gospel. Thank you, Jesus.

  i’m thankful for people like eugene cho. read the rest of his post here.


20 May

did your church service this weekend make jesus do this? why or why not?

what is it that you think causes God to look down on our weekend services and be pleased? what do you think causes him to be displeased?

(better) vision.

18 May

this time, he’s wearing them.


18 May


this little guy helped me pick out my new glasses yesterday. i’ll pick them up next week. lord, give me eyes to see…

it’s biblical.


11 May

hard to know which to do sometimes.

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