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3 Jun

this morning a post from last week was featured at tony campolo’s redletterchristians site.  i’m continually honored and humbled to guest post at such an influential ministry.  here’s an excerpt from that post :: Continue reading


i love this little guy.

27 May

(better) vision.

18 May

this time, he’s wearing them.


18 May


this little guy helped me pick out my new glasses yesterday. i’ll pick them up next week. lord, give me eyes to see…

it’s biblical.


11 May

hard to know which to do sometimes.


8 May

oh, north carolina.

if you haven’t heard, the southern state voted in approval of a gay marriage ban as an amendment to their state’s constitution.

just curious…

why is it that folks fight so strongly to ban gay marriage, but have no problem with straight divorcees, hindus, muslims, mormons, buddhists, jews, agnostics and atheists getting married?

is this really about a ‘biblical’ marriage, or is it more an issue of fear, ignorance and intolerance?

what do you think?

right and/or good?

8 May


the following post comes from scot mcknight, and can be found at his blog, the jesus creed.

i asked scot if i could share his post here, and he graciously said ‘yes.’

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