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(the issue is not)homosexuality.

1 Jun



imagine the scene :: jesus just finished what is now his best known teaching – the sermon on the mount – a practical manifesto for this new Way. the dry heat of the galilean sun beat down on the son of man as he and the disciples descended the mountain. the amazed crowds follow through the dust kicked up by this rogue rabbi who taught differently than the others – this one spoke like he actually knew what he was talking about.

he’s just touched on nearly everything, and their heads must have been spinning as they tried to make sense of it all – the benefits of living for his unseen kingdom; how to pray with meaning; turning the law of moses on its head and replacing its rigidity with a law of love.

who was this guy, anyway?!?
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100th post.

31 May

as i approached the century mark for the WayWard follower, i suppose something deep within me yearned for a post of some impact. i’d hoped that i could write something that would matter. something with weight. something to make a difference with my words or leave some significant footprint in the blogosphere.

high hopes? perhaps. but the desire still stirs within me.

after all, it’s my 100th post.

yet it turns out this post is pregnant with meaning not for others, but for myself. on the cusp of yet another season of financial uncertainty and instability, i’ve decided to do something unusual. something surprisingly unexpected. something drastic.

i’m actually going to do something.

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i believe.

22 May

powerful, appropriate and healing words from eugene cho yesterday ::

I believe in the Gospel of Christ

I, too, believe in Jesus and I believe in the Gospel. I believe in a Gospel that not only saves but serves; a Gospel that restores all things; a Gospel that ushers in the Kingdom of God. I believe in a Gospel that is not just merely propositional truth but that which has been incarnationally personified in Jesus. I believe in a Gospel that is not just for us – but good news for all of us – especially the least, marginalized, forgotten, forsaken, and alone.

I believe in this Gospel and I believe this Gospel is bigger, deeper, wider, and more vast that we can ever imagine. I believe this because this Gospel has room for you and me. Even you and me.

I preach this Gospel. I live for this Gospel. Thank you, Jesus.

  i’m thankful for people like eugene cho. read the rest of his post here.

oh snap.

2 May

i got this image from tony jones.  he got it here. what say you?

SSD. day five.

19 Apr

some final thoughts from dr. larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with richwoods christian church ::

you cannot be engaged in everybody’s hurts. but we must ask the question, ‘am i involved in at least a few peoples’ hurt?’

the cross needs to be made central in our efforts of community. we do this through a humble brokenness over our own sin, present in each one of us, and a desire toward the hope of heaven.

teaching in a church is important, but it is not sufficient.

education cures ignorance; but it does not cure the flesh.

brokenness is necessary for passion-filled dynamics to be changed.

the story of the soul is the story of relating; so good conversations must reframe pain into the context of relationship.

there is not a person in the world who feels totally known.

SSD. day four.

19 Apr

more thoughts from larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with richwoods christian church ::

only when we’re way down do we look way up.  brokenness is an opportunity to see the heights.

recognize the swirling of the spirit in your soul.
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SSD. day three.

17 Apr

continuing in the series of conversations from dr. larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction i find myself overwhelmed with multiple threads of thought, desire, longings and fears – all of which generate a passionate curiosity and are perhaps worthy of deeper exploration.

particularly as we discussed masculinity and femininity — a topic i’ll write separate posts for entirely, and what larry’s forthcoming book will be about — there was a wave of considerations and reflections.

apart from that, here are some other thoughts and questions that surfaced in day three of our time together ::

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