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100th post.

31 May

as i approached the century mark for the WayWard follower, i suppose something deep within me yearned for a post of some impact. i’d hoped that i could write something that would matter. something with weight. something to make a difference with my words or leave some significant footprint in the blogosphere.

high hopes? perhaps. but the desire still stirs within me.

after all, it’s my 100th post.

yet it turns out this post is pregnant with meaning not for others, but for myself. on the cusp of yet another season of financial uncertainty and instability, i’ve decided to do something unusual. something surprisingly unexpected. something drastic.

i’m actually going to do something.

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two cents on gay marriage.

22 May

on gay sex, marriage, and obama.

…because not quite enough has been said about this yet.

if you’ve read a news magazine, been online or watched CNN in the past week, you know that may 9 president obama finally came out and declared he was for same-sex marriage – stirring the waters anew within the church regarding homosexuality, marriage, justice and jesus.

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5 May

this summer at richwoods we’re heading into a series entitled, ‘permission to enjoy.’
(addition :: listen to the first sermon from jim powell here)

taking a look at the garden early in the genesis narrative, we read ::

And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;

we often fail to realize the freedom that flows in this, the first command to humanity from the Trinity.

God’s original intent was permissive and positive, not prohibitive.


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pray day.

3 May

today is the ‘national day of prayer’ in these united states. hmmmmm.

as people gather across our country to beseech our God, i wonder what they’ll pray for?

i’ve spent some time this morning skimming through blog posts and tweets, facebook statuses and other methods of online communication to see what seems to be most pressing to the believers of our nation.

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30 Apr

our demons keep community at bay, because we are forced to encounter the very image of God in one another when we live life together.

many, myself included, are convinced that the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth happens within the context of community. true spiritual community mirrors the relationship of the Trinity – whose image in which we have been created. when we remove ourselves from authentic community and move toward isolation, it becomes much more difficult for us to hear the voice of truth; instead, we believe as true the false accusations and lies launched against our identity and integrity, denying and degrading the divine nature that is in each one of us.

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SSD. day five.

19 Apr

some final thoughts from dr. larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with richwoods christian church ::

you cannot be engaged in everybody’s hurts. but we must ask the question, ‘am i involved in at least a few peoples’ hurt?’

the cross needs to be made central in our efforts of community. we do this through a humble brokenness over our own sin, present in each one of us, and a desire toward the hope of heaven.

teaching in a church is important, but it is not sufficient.

education cures ignorance; but it does not cure the flesh.

brokenness is necessary for passion-filled dynamics to be changed.

the story of the soul is the story of relating; so good conversations must reframe pain into the context of relationship.

there is not a person in the world who feels totally known.

SSD. day four.

19 Apr

more thoughts from larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with richwoods christian church ::

only when we’re way down do we look way up.  brokenness is an opportunity to see the heights.

recognize the swirling of the spirit in your soul.
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