about this blog.

for many years in the first century following the death, resurrection and ascension of jesus of nazareth, his early followers were called followers of the Way. i too am a follower of the Way. his Way is simple–to love God and to love others in the Way of jesus christ. yet in that journey, we often falter. we become rebellious, errant, disobedient, unruly, arrogant, and contradictory to the Way of jesus. in short, we become WayWard. it is only through and by the grace of God that we can turn from our own ways and again follow his with a broken and contrite heart.

the purpose behind the inception of the WayWard follower blog is not merely to inspire conversation around loving God and loving others in the Way of jesus christ…but to inspire movement.   through these writings and creative communication, i hope to join in conversation that inspires movement. it is my desire to encourage and be encouraged; to challenge and be challenged; to inspire and be inspired; to question and be questioned. in this spirit, will you follow me as i follow him?


Use Your Words.

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