about me.

although i wouldn’t consider myself old, i’ve lived quite a bit of life. when i hit rock bottom, i contacted an old friend who loved jesus and reached out for help. i desired to be in ministry, but had made such a wreck of my life that it didn’t even seem possible that i could even go to church…let alone work with one.

he just happened to be in peoria, illinois on staff at a church called richwoods.

the learnings from the journey of navigating the pain of my past and the challenges of restoring what’s been broken leave much for me to embrace and much for me to leave behind on the road towards becoming more like christ.

the lessons i’ve been fortunate to learn in community regarding compassion, forgiveness, brokenness, repentance, both receiving and giving grace are treasures for me to salvage from the wreckage and utilize as tools along the way.

i talk to a lot of people, read a lot of books and drink an ungodly amount of coffee.  leads for an interesting life…and i’m learning to enjoy each and every part of it.

i also enjoy engaging in conversation with my readers, so i look forward to hearing about your own journeys and challenges; and figuring out how we can each walk alongside one another as we together learn to love well.

you can contact me any of these ways ::
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