i believe.

22 May

powerful, appropriate and healing words from eugene cho yesterday ::

I believe in the Gospel of Christ

I, too, believe in Jesus and I believe in the Gospel. I believe in a Gospel that not only saves but serves; a Gospel that restores all things; a Gospel that ushers in the Kingdom of God. I believe in a Gospel that is not just merely propositional truth but that which has been incarnationally personified in Jesus. I believe in a Gospel that is not just for us – but good news for all of us – especially the least, marginalized, forgotten, forsaken, and alone.

I believe in this Gospel and I believe this Gospel is bigger, deeper, wider, and more vast that we can ever imagine. I believe this because this Gospel has room for you and me. Even you and me.

I preach this Gospel. I live for this Gospel. Thank you, Jesus.

  i’m thankful for people like eugene cho. read the rest of his post here.

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