pray day.

3 May

today is the ‘national day of prayer’ in these united states. hmmmmm.

as people gather across our country to beseech our God, i wonder what they’ll pray for?

i’ve spent some time this morning skimming through blog posts and tweets, facebook statuses and other methods of online communication to see what seems to be most pressing to the believers of our nation.

for many, the biggest issues needing prayer today are summed up in the manhattan declaration, released in november of 2009 by some highly respected religious leaders at a press conference in washington, DC. i wrote about it a month later here.

end abortion. stop gay marriage. don’t take away our religious liberties. and a few add, give our troops victory as we kill other people.

same old, same old.

so, what should we pray for? thus far, the words that resonate most with my own heart are these ::

‘may we embrace the responsibility we have to each other…let us be humble in our convictions, and courageous in our virtue. let us pray for those who are suffering around the world, and let us be open to opportunities to ease that suffering.’

what are some prayers that you’ve read or heard today (both good and bad)? what are some of the things that you think we should pray for, as christians who live in america?


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  1. Ryan Copeland May 3, 2012 at 10:12 AM #

    What does a republican war-monger christian sound like when he prays? I think you summed it up nicely. Don’t forget this one “Lord, help Romney defeat Obama so we can have a christian…er…mormon (same thing) in the white house.”

    We are instructed in the NT to pray for our leaders–even if we suspect them of being a muslim–because our leaders were appointed by God for HIS purposes. The truth is, God is guiding Obama and every other leader even when they are not seeking his guidance, to fulfill God’s will for our nation and every other nation. Let us Pray that God’s will be done through our leaders and we (if not they) will give God the glory. Let us also pray for chances to love others and serve others. I don’t think its right to pray for the poor if we are not going to be willing to get out there and personally help them, but thats just me.

    what kind of America would we live in if we prayed for chances to share Christ’s love with Homosexuals instead of praying for their demise? Just a thought.

    Personally, I need to spend time praying for Christ to change my heart, my judgmental attitudes and my apathy towards the suffering/outsiders/lost before I can actually love them with Christ’s love.

    • the WayWard follower May 3, 2012 at 12:22 PM #

      thanks, ryan. i think we all could use a little time praying for christ to shape and mold our hearts to become more reflective of his love and compassion.

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