SSD. day four.

19 Apr

more thoughts from larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with richwoods christian church ::

only when we’re way down do we look way up.  brokenness is an opportunity to see the heights.

recognize the swirling of the spirit in your soul.

we’re often so captivated with an experience with God that we fail to translate the experience into movement toward people for God.

spiritual formation is staying in the mess and not retreating.

the gift of silence can be profound.

good conversation never happens when you try to ‘fix’ somebody.

arrogance gets stronger when it’s rebuked.

the consequence of self-centeredness is isolation.

reject the pressure to perform to please, convince or persuade.

to truly relate needs time and space.

as a community, how do we create time and space with conversation and connection?

i have come so far, and yet i have even further to go.

let us celebrate how far we have come, but let’s also build anticipation for how far we have yet to go.

our core terror drives a demanding spirit deep within us.

the internal battle is fiercely waged in the recesses of the human soul that only spiritual discernment can spot.

‘darkness seeks to destroy genuine freedom by encouraging apparent freedom.  genuine freedom moves by glad choice toward what the soul most deeply desires.  apparent freedom is moved by compulsive choice toward whatever promises the hope of fullness without God.
— larry crabb

hear 100 people say ‘i’m broken,’ and 99 will actually mean ‘i’m hurting.’  few acknowledge they’re wrong.

biblical brokenness is not brokenness over pain.  it’s brokenness over sin.

this releases humility and a desire for first things.

a gift is a gift that is mean to be used for the betterment of the body; and the body is poorer for it when it is not used.

worship translates into community through conversations…so good conversations really matter to the church.

we underestimate the importance of merely being present.

you will not be giving someone the gift of your presence unless your soul is quiet.

if you are not in the habit of reading a lot, get in the habit.

as long as you speak out of your hurt, you cannot love.

ungodly ruling passions can grieve and quench the spirit.  you can’t stop the passion, but you can take away it’s authority.  disarm it.

what brings value to your words is not the careful selection of them, but the energy behind them, which carries them.

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