SSD. day two.

17 Apr

this week i am taking part in dr. larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction with 40 others from my church, and a flood of thoughts rush through my mind…and stir in my soul. here are some of the thoughts and questions that surfaced in day two of our time together ::

there’s a difference between being intentional and resting in the spirit.

depression is the revolt of the Self in despair at its disintegration…

…but the Dark Night of the soul is the dawning of the realization that in this loss of Self, nothing is lost.

reject the pleasant life.

are difficulties necessary for the good of our souls, for growth and maturity? will that change how we relate to each other? does it shape how we counsel, direct and converse with one another?

in pursuit of a false definition of life and determined to avoid a false definition of death, we block the release of the spirit in conversation.

don’t try to make it all happen today, in this moment. just launch a new way of thinking. this is a process.

we are prone to satisfy our eternal and holy longings (first things) with temporary, hollow satisfactions (second things)

this is a treasonous pursuit, in defiance to our king and his kingdom.

perhaps one purpose of suffering is to provide an opportunity for us to get in touch with our divine nature – to become ‘others centered’ in the midst of our suffering and pain.

you can’t minister well without some kind of internal torture.

we would all agree with socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living; yet many believe the examined life is too hard to live.

it’s unbecoming to demand anything of God; because each time we demand, we are declaring that God is not good.

when you’re hurting, sometimes it helps to talk to someone you trust.

don’t let spiritual disciplines replace intimate conversations.

i’m not meant to be perfect; i’m meant to be authentic.

in communal conversation, we see unanticipated common threads found in vulnerable honesty. these opportunities for togetherness would be missed without determined authenticity.

clarity often comes from dialogue.

pray that the spirit of God will move in his will, not according to our manipulation and maneuvering.

happiness is better defined as congruence with who we most deeply are.

God’s pleasure in us is not dependent upon our performance.

as image bearers, we have the capacity to desire God more than anything else. we have the ability to be centered on what means to know God in the middle of the crap that goes on in life.

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