SSD. day three.

17 Apr

continuing in the series of conversations from dr. larry crabb’s school of spiritual direction i find myself overwhelmed with multiple threads of thought, desire, longings and fears – all of which generate a passionate curiosity and are perhaps worthy of deeper exploration.

particularly as we discussed masculinity and femininity — a topic i’ll write separate posts for entirely, and what larry’s forthcoming book will be about — there was a wave of considerations and reflections.

apart from that, here are some other thoughts and questions that surfaced in day three of our time together ::

what is most wrong in us is most often that which is least seen in us.

brokenness is the key to resurrection.

my deepest problem is pride.

redemption is not a one-time event; it is an ongoing reality.

God’s purposes are not less pain for you; they are for more holiness in you.

sin is a mystery. we can’t explain it (but we try). we want to explain it because we want to control it.

God can’t use proud people. see here.

community can only take place on the basis of grace; not on the basis of perceived success.

when what is most alive in me moves toward and into you and meets with that which is life-giving and creating, we are mirroring the relationship and movement of the trinity – becoming one, even as they are one.

you can’t make community happen. you get dazzled by the beauty of the trinity and community happens. at great cost to Self.

when we get in touch with a deep longing, we often experience profound pain.

deep longings are often desires that have long been starved out of fear.

there is a commitment in our hearts to not really see things for as bad as they are.

love touches the soul more freely than evil.

God does not give us a code to follow, he gives us the courage to move.

we do not truly love well until we see where we are not loving well.

your thirst for God will sustain you more than your experience of God.

your thirst for God is reliable – it is your deepest longing. your experience changes depending on a number of factors – not least of which is the will of the spirit of God.

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