27 Mar

corresponding to my last post, here are some books i’d recommend as they correspond to the theological side streets we’ve been exploring in our RoadMaps series ::

a new kind of christianity by brian d. mclaren

Q1 || the narrative question

the secret message of jesus by brian d. mclaren
christ of the celts by j. philip newell
jesus wants to save christians by don golden & rob bell

Q2 || the authority question

scripture and the authority of God by nt wright
beyond fundamentalism by john franke & stanley grenz
the bible made impossible by christian smith

Q3 || the God question

the last word and the word after that by brian d. mclaren
love wins by rob bell
surprised by hope by nt wright

Q4 || the jesus question

simply jesus by nt wright
the politics of jesus by john howard yoder
the jesus i never knew by philip yancey

Q5 || the gospel question

what st. paul really said by nt wright
an emergent theology for emerging churches by dr. ray anderson
colossians remixed by brian walsh and sylvia keersmaat

Q6 || the sex question

love is an orientation by andrew marin
exclusion and embrace by miroslav volf
a time to embrace by william stacy johnson
(coming 11/13/12) torn by justin lee

Q7 || the pluralism question

the crucified God by jürgen moltmann
christian america and the kingdom of God by richard hughes
the myth of a christian religion by gregory boyd

Q8 || the what-do-we-do-now question

the missional leader by alan roxburgh & fred romanuk
the great emergence by phylis tickle
friendship at the margins by chris heurtz & christine pohl

happy reading, folks.

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