jesus for prez.

21 Feb

yesterday was president’s day.

so i tweeted, ‘jesus for president.‘ on my facebook wall, and with several followers on twitter, this generated some discussion.  some were in support of jesus as a candidate, while others cautioned the phrase sounded eerily similar to first century demands that jesus overthrow caesar — a misunderstanding of the messiah’s mission.

the discussion brings up some other questions…

if elected president (or forced by popular demand to run) … what would jesus do? would he run as a democrat?  a republican?

would jesus spend his first term convincing (or forcing) every american to convert to the religion named after him?  would that even be a priority?  would he endorse and create wars to do the same globally?  would he concern himself with our interests as americans or spend billions protecting our borders from illegals?  what, if anything, would he do with prop 8?

the idea of jesus for president is indeed similar to the first century misunderstanding of what jesus came to do.  yes, he was the messiah, our deliverer.  yet he did not and has not come either to overthrow the existing (or create a new) government, nor to build churches and establish a religion.

so what did jesus come to do?  and what would he do if he were in office?

it was no mistake that at the beginning of his earthly public ministry jesus was handed the scroll and read isaiah 61 ::

the spirit of the lord God is upon me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to bring good news to the afflicted;
he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to captives
and freedom to prisoners;
to proclaim the favorable year of the LORD

(emphasis mine)

so for those of us who claim to follow jesus, us self-professing ‘christians’ — which literally means ‘little christs’ — which literally means ‘little messiahs’ — the question is :: what are we to do?

are we to align ourselves with the republican or democratic parties?  are we to immerse ourselves in the current debates about planned parenthood and susan g komen funding or gay marriage in the military or catholic contraception in health care?  should we fight vehemently against same sex marriage and lose sleep over prop 8 being ruled as unconstitutional, or concern ourselves greatly with where our tax money is going?

or ought we to obsess over bringing good news to the afflicted, binding the brokenhearted, for standing up and in for those who are oppressed?  ought we not to concern ourselves with freeing the captives?  with healing?  with reconciliation?

so the real question is much more uncomfortable than a simple ‘what would jesus do?

the real question is :: what are you doing?


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  1. Gene March 27, 2012 at 1:55 AM #

    What would Jesus do? He’d banish the money changers from the temple by force as he did in (I believe the Gospel of John) and END THE FED. In support of how omniscient Jesus is portrayed to be, I leave you with a quote from an amazing piece of film.

    And now neuroscience has told us that in the unfolding of our lives only 5% of our life is controlled by our conscious mind and 95% of the time controlled by the subconscious with programs from other people that were installed in there. And the problem is, it means when those programs are playing – we don’t see them. And the skeptics will sit there and say: “Consciousness? Archetypes? Astrology?” “No no no, we create things with our hands, not our minds.” “Archetypes aren’t physical, they can’t influence me.” But when you think of the fact that we’re only conscious of this small little fraction of our behavior…What we don’t realize is that entire countries, entire civilizations that think they’re free and independent but are unconsciously too afraid to be free and independent they will beg to be governed and if they can’t do it themselves, who do you think will consciously or unconsciously take that responsibility? It usually ends up being that strong masculine animus archetypal figure. When we think we’re in danger, we’re not looking for our mother to nurture us, we want our father to protect us. And right on cue, with the age of fear, this age of catastrophe, the age of this parasite we see masculine domination. One of the primary conduits for giving our responsibility and our conscious energy away is money. We surely don’t want to admit that our dependency on money is flawed because that would imply that the fault is our own. and god forbidden we take responsibility for our lives…so we blame the money. This is the cornerstone of the entire illusion being built around us by the false-ego. Money is said to be the root of all evil. Yet it cannot be evil, because money is only a symbol. Symbols carry only the faith and spirit of the observer This means that the symbol of paper money evokes and surfaces the evil intentions and inherent flaw of our false-ego. Money only exists because we agree to accept it as valuable. And to further illustrate our incapacity for freedom, we’ve given the control of our faith based money to a private corporation instead of the federal government. There is no law stating that we have to use federal reserved notes as currency. We choose to, because we fear the alternative… INDEPENDENCE

    In truth, this is the tip of the iceberg, but something definitely worth thinking about when asked the question, ‘what would you do?’

    In short, end the fed, and work towards human cooperation, rather than competition. In my estimation, our very survival will require it.

    I know there is more to that last couple of sentences, but I’ve taken up enough of your time.

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