20 Dec

many of my readers know me personally, and are aware of both my past and present circumstances – for your friendships i am grateful.  particularly in the last two years, i have been learning and growing in ways that i would have before never imagined possible…and have begun to see beauty from ashes.

to give a more accurate glimpse into my soul for those of you i may not know well, i wanted to share some of the lessons i have been and am still learning, in hope that you too may be encouraged ::

my past does not define me who i am, nor does it dictate my future.  who i am is not who i once was.  i am a new creation, and no longer live in any condemnation.

he makes all things new.

a friend of mine recently said, ‘our emotions are the keyboard upon which the enemy so easily plays his dire tunes because he so much does not want you to know who you are.’

but i know who i am.

i will no longer live under guilt, shame and fear, but in freedom, a rightly placed confidence and honor.

i am not scared, passive or timid;  i am humbly bold and confident.

i am not arrogant;  i am called to lead and will obediently do so with a tender heart.

i am not weak;  i am strong through grace experienced in brokenness.

may we each see the beautiful things he is making out of us all.


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  1. Charlie December 21, 2011 at 10:02 AM #

    Glad to hear through the grapevine all is well – and that we’ll see you at lunch Thursday!

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