gone fishing.

5 Oct

he was a fisherman.

before peter helped pass out food for the 5,000. before his mother-in-law was healed. before hearing the sermon on the mount or experiencing the glory of God on the  transfigured mountain.

he was a fisherman.

before casting out demons.  before walking on water.  before he was called ‘the Rock’ by his friend, rabbi and master; before his feet were washed in the upper room; before his denial.

before his savior died.

he was a fisherman.

it makes sense then, that after jesus’ death, peter and the disciples found themselves in a boat fishing.  particularly for peter, the reality of recent events had either not yet sunk in — or perhaps, more accurately, were too difficult to bear.

jesus had resurrected.  the tomb was empty.  they’d seen him, spoken with him.  he appeared to them… but each time, the elephant in the room had been ignored.  it wasn’t brought up.

peter denied him, just as jesus said he would.  he had betrayed the rabbi who defeated death.  he was unworthy to be called ‘the Rock.’  so he walked away, as simon.

he was just a fisherman.

back to the boat he went, killing his future and resurrecting his past life.  back to ‘before.’  he would go on being a fisherman, spending his nights trolling the waters and his days cutting into the slimy, smelly things to sell on the shores of a life gone by.

just a fisherman.

back to the dissatisfactory life of average and mundane.  back to the way things had always been before the messiah muddled in his business and called him to be a fisher of men.  it’s not that peter wanted to go back to being a fisherman.  but how could he be anything more?

enter jesus, the master of reconciliation, restoration and redemption.

‘do you love me?’ x3.

with each brilliantly placed question and response, a vibrant vision of the future was painted for peter.  for a beautiful rendition of this story from john 21 in The Voice translation, click here.


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  1. Ben DeVries October 6, 2011 at 11:20 AM #

    Thanks for this post, Michael, I needed to be reminded of this. And praying for you today … Ben

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