20 Sep

for some time i’ve contemplated how to create bridges between two differing ‘sides’ of a conversation.

• LGBT || evangelicals
• neo-reformed || emergent/ing
• complementarian || egalitarian
• et cetera

instead of stooping to the level of name calling or merely ‘agreeing to disagree’ (which seems to me like a cop-out), what i’d like to create is a forum for elevated dialogue and constructive conversation between groups that aren’t seeing ‘eye to eye.’

i’ve sent out a few requests to friends from varied theological backgrounds and perspectives, inviting them to dialogue on these (and other) issues in a blog series here at the WayWard follower  in the upcoming months :

• what is the gospel?
• centrality of social justice in christian living
• gay rights/gay marriage
• hell/universalism
• inter-faith relationships and dialogue

does this sound like it would be interesting or helpful?  are there any other topics you would like to see addressed?


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