16 Aug

the following are some highlights from the willow creek annual global leadership summit, each in 140 characters or less…

bill hybels :

‘leaders need to be incredible and insatiable learners.’

‘churches are supposed to transform prejudiced people into radically inclusive people.’

‘we (leaders) are subtly addicted to the narcotic of growth and success.’

cory booker :

‘the world you see ‘outside’ is simply a reflection of what you have inside of you.”

‘who you ARE speaks so loudly i can’t hear one thing you say.’

‘why did tiger and eyesore have their heads in a toilet?  because they were looking for pooh!’

‘do… sumpin’.’

rev. dr. brenda salter mcneil :

‘your kingdom come, your will be done… on earth, as it is in heaven.’

‘challenge the jokes told at the dinner table.’

‘sometimes you’ve got to use unorthodox means.’

[the term] ‘authentically inclusive.’

seth godin :

‘someone here today is going to change everything.’

‘revolutions destroy the perfect and enable the impossible.’

‘this is the official clapping rhythm.’

‘quit bowling.’

‘we need YOU to lead us.’

steven furtick :

‘one of the reasons we struggle with insecurities is we compare our behind-the-scenes with everybody else’s highlight-reel.’

mama maggie gobran :

‘we don’t choose where to be born but we choose to be sinners or saints.’

‘to be elegant is to love; to love is to give, and forgive.  to give until it hurts.’

‘among them (the poorest of the poor : children), the Creator is hidden.  there is mystery among the poor.’

‘there are secrets in silence.’

michelle rhee :

‘you have to have alignment.’

‘i would much rather deal with anger over change than apathy.’

dr. henry cloud :

‘God has called you to be a steward over a vision to change something… are you going to let ‘this guy’ stop you?’

john paul dickson :

‘expertise in one area means very little in another.  humility is common sense.’

‘the bible is a historical document.  we need to treat it as such.’

‘the most believable person is the person you know has your best interests in their heart.’

‘unapproachable leaders are admired but humble leaders are inspired.’

patrick lencioni :

‘when people know you’re more interested in helping them be better than your own image, they invite you IN.’

erwin mcmanus :

‘we need to become the cultivators of human talent.’

of course… if you follow me on twitter, you already knew this.

*this list does not include my thoughts on the starbucks ceo howard schultz/willow creek/bill hybels/anti-gay situation.  my thoughts on this will come, in time.

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