just love.

14 Aug

we are called to love.  with no strings attached, with no promise of being accepted in return.  just to love.

the problem is more often than not, we hope there’s transformation.  deep down inside, we have an agenda.  we want the ‘other’ to become like us — to believe like us, behave like us, and be like us.  we want transformation.

i wonder what would happen if we focused not on the transformation of others, but on our own transformation.  what if we loved not in an attempt to convert, change  or ‘win over’ others but instead as an opportunity for discovery in our own lives?

what if we were willing for our own misunderstandings, stereotypes and fears to be not only exposed, but transformed as we put names and faces on the conversation?  what if we thought through the implications of our actions, positions, and responses towards the issues we face through the context of relationships we’ve built with individuals?

what if we willing to sacrifice our agenda and just love?

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