i’m an incarnational christian (too).

11 Aug

i’ve already chimed in with my thoughts on tony’s blog, in regards to the inherent theological and intellectual meaning behind the term ‘incarnational christian.’

yet i am convinced that the most important aspect of this term is its implied focus on action.  the incarnation.  God moving from heaven to earth.  living.  stepping into the mess of humanity and showing us how to help others to find and follow him.

if we are in fact motivated to take seriously the charge of serving as christ’s ambassadors in our world, being agents of reconciliation as the name ‘incarnational christian’ suggests, then we will naturally move.  we’ll move from manipulation to intentionality; from talking to listening; from apologetics to apologies; from debate to dialogue; from exclusion to inclusion; from learning about christ to being like christ.

i suggest that adopting the term ‘incarnational christian’ causes us to move from words to action.  kinda like ‘shut up and love people.

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