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2 Jun

for too long, i’ve postured myself as a ‘teacher’, as one who has answers and information. as if  i’ve compiled more wisdom than most through my mistake-filled life, i’ve set myself up as some sort of guru who seeks to change the world.

and i do seek to change the world.  really, i’d love to.

i’m just convinced that i have more questions than answers, more problems than i do solutions.  i’ve gained some amount of wisdom, and am still learning; yet the challenge is not for me to provide teaching for others; it’s to apply what i’m being taught in my own life.

rather than offer a discourse to springboard conversation, as i’ve done in the past, i’ll be asking questions in upcoming posts; providing a forum for conversation, inspiration, and hopefully, movement towards change for the better.

first: from the ‘about this blog’ page, i write ‘MOVE. reform. DREAM. restore. these words define WHO i am, and WHAT i seek. i want to REFORM, to dream, to RESTORE…and move others–INSPIRE them–to do the same.’

i do WANT this.  is this what YOU want?  is this what you DO?  how?


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  1. Jim Fisher June 2, 2011 at 6:38 PM #

    I love who I am becoming. I love a God who helps me become all that I was created to be. I love others to affirm and support all they desire to become. It’s not about my will be done on earth. It’s about continually seeking the heart of the Father for a friend, a relative, a spouse, a child, and allowing His will be done in them through me. In all those words, there is MOVEment. I all those words, there are dreams. In all those words there is restoration through redemption. In all those words … there is love.

  2. gracetracer June 7, 2011 at 9:05 AM #

    You appear to be out of gas as well as answers. Gas is very expensive these days, to be sure. Are your answers boxed in by questions? Does every positive thought lead to impossible conclusions or unsupportable realities? I am shooting in the dark here. Would you like to dialog? It might be helpful for us both. We could post back and forth, on my blog and then on yours. Your readers and mine would both benefit, I think. If this suggestion does not fit your notion of what “help” is, please make an alterantive suggestion. Although I am an introvert, I personally find nothing as positive when I am in a cave than another who will sit with me in silence until I am ready to talk. And then will talk. Perhaps I would prove no more helpful than Job’s friends were. I am willing to try, however. Answer me here or at my little WordPress blog site. Peace and grace. Trace James

    • the WayWard follower June 7, 2011 at 9:20 AM #

      let’s gas up, then. your thoughts?

      • gracetracer June 15, 2011 at 11:06 AM #

        I think most of the gas is to be found in living and working in community. That is why I spent some time in my “Hopeful History” series talking about Phyllis Tickle’s “500 years” insights, Richard Foster’s Twelve Disciplines and Reba Place Fellowship of Evanston, IL. Other than through persuasive talk, I am not sure how much world-changing has ever gone on, one person at a time, working more or less alone. “Nation of priests,” “Body of Christ,” “Bride of the Lamb,” “Citizens of the Kingdom:” those are all communal terms and they are who we are, how we are described in the New Testament. Tertullian makes it clear in the late second century that the Christians had infiltrated every walk of life, every significant institution except the temples and the army. They usually came in through the bottom and moved up through the ranks, transforming the society as they did. They held all things in common, he said. Even if he was exaggerating (as such writers were apt to do) if a fifth of what he describes had actually happened it amounts to far more world-changing than we can imagine.
        Old Sam Schumaker once preached a sermon in which he said: “Get changed! Get together! Get going !” Those three things are reciprocal; they happen together, feeding off each other. However, as one who has been changing pretty rapidly because of my “going.” I feel a really strong need to get together with other folks, to learn Celebration, Submission, Guidance and some of the other lost disciplines that Foster identified and to which I refer in that six-post series. As I say in one of those posts, if 50 to 75% of the means of grace, the power conduits with which God continually empowered the early church are now crimped, shut down, is it any wonder that the church is the vapid and listless thing it is today?
        Your thoughts?

  3. the WayWard follower June 19, 2011 at 11:30 AM #

    couldn’t agree more about the community aspect. one of our mantras at richwoods is, ‘spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships.’

    though i don’t think the church in its entirety is ‘vapid and listless,’ there certainly is a correlation between the lack of authentic community and vulnerable relationships and the lack of interest in the church. people want ‘real.’ we’re created to be real.

    i think there’s hope :: something IS being birthed within the community of faith known as christianity. there’s an urging and prompting within the hearts of many; many who are seeking to find and follow jesus; to learn more of who God is and who he calls his people to be…learning more how to be ministers and ambassadors of reconciliation as they follow the example of jesus christ.

    regardless of our theological preferences, denominations (or religion?), creeds, race, sex (or sexual orientation?), many are seeking to live as jesus lived, to walk as jesus walked.

    we are a work in progress, on progress. we desire to progress, to move forward and past the exclusivity, judgment, hatred, intolerance and hypocrisy that our faith has sadly become known for.

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