some (con)temporary problems.

6 Oct

the following list has been adapted from a book entitled, ‘Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope’ and is meant to serve the purpose of creating a few conversation starters for ‘i am legend :: now what?!’ discussion.

Prosperity Crisis:
We find ourselves in a prosperity system that is currently incapable of living within environmental limits.  It withdraws more resources and injects more wastes than the planet can provide or absorb.  We need to find practices that help us create wise, sane, and sustainable prosperity, not suicidal prosperity.

Equity Crisis:

The gap between rich and poor is growing wider and wider, and doing so faster and faster.  The good news of Jesus calls disciples to defect from a self-centered agenda of never having enough, and instead invites us to invest our energy for the benefit of the poor, the excluded, the disadvantaged, the “last, the least, and the lost.”  We need to discover and follow practices that bring equity to all God’s children everywhere.

Security Crisis:
As we use up our environmental margin and experience environmental stress, and as the gap between rich and poor grows wider, existing tensions between people and groups of people are intensified.  The poor resort to crime, mass migration, war, and terrorism; the rich invest more and more money and energy in border control, war, anti-terrorism and spying, weapons, and pre-emptive war, together increasing the likelihood of catastrophic violence.

Spirituality Crisis:
Our world’s religions too seldom provide us with a framing story of true peace, wise prosperity, and common-good equity.  Instead, they provide religious justification for suicidal framing stories of revenge, fear, domination, isolation, or theocapitalism and theocommunism.  We need practices that help us discover, celebrate, live and proclaim the gospel of God proclaimed and demonstrated by Jesus: the good news of the kingdom of God.

everything must change, indeed.  what then shall we do?

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