4 Jun

beginning tomorrow, will be down for a little retooling. it ought to take about a week or so for me to relaunch the site with its new theme and features, along with consistently better content – geared towards inspiring thought, conversation and movement as we together seek to follow the way of jesus.

please be patient with me as i work behind the scenes to make this site better for that purpose. i apologize for the inconvenience of having the site down – but i promise…it will be worth it!


3 Jun

this morning a post from last week was featured at tony campolo’s redletterchristians site.  i’m continually honored and humbled to guest post at such an influential ministry.  here’s an excerpt from that post :: Continue reading

(the issue is not)homosexuality.

1 Jun



imagine the scene :: jesus just finished what is now his best known teaching – the sermon on the mount – a practical manifesto for this new Way. the dry heat of the galilean sun beat down on the son of man as he and the disciples descended the mountain. the amazed crowds follow through the dust kicked up by this rogue rabbi who taught differently than the others – this one spoke like he actually knew what he was talking about.

he’s just touched on nearly everything, and their heads must have been spinning as they tried to make sense of it all – the benefits of living for his unseen kingdom; how to pray with meaning; turning the law of moses on its head and replacing its rigidity with a law of love.

who was this guy, anyway?!?
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100th post.

31 May

as i approached the century mark for the WayWard follower, i suppose something deep within me yearned for a post of some impact. i’d hoped that i could write something that would matter. something with weight. something to make a difference with my words or leave some significant footprint in the blogosphere.

high hopes? perhaps. but the desire still stirs within me.

after all, it’s my 100th post.

yet it turns out this post is pregnant with meaning not for others, but for myself. on the cusp of yet another season of financial uncertainty and instability, i’ve decided to do something unusual. something surprisingly unexpected. something drastic.

i’m actually going to do something.

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30 May

this image came across my twitter feed this afternoon, retweeted by jaybakker.

in conjunction with my most recent post on gay marriage, what do you think of this billboard?

two images of christ.

30 May

which jesus do you think more accurately reflects the one you follow?









which one does your neighbor think you follow?

i love this little guy.

27 May


25 May

get these in today.  looking forward to being able to see things.

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